05 March 2020


Term Breaks

The 1st Rivertrail Scout Group is split between 3 and 4 term schools.
In order for everyone to get a break during their holidays (including our dedicated Scouters) we have derived a “Group Term”
By taking both sets of school holidays, as well as public holidays into account, the result is the following table that will achieve this objective. This has been not been an easy feat and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused.

We do try and get as many Friday nights as possible in through the year, as not to interfere with the Cub/Scout Advancements.

Herewith the “Group Terms” for 2020:


1st Rivertrail Group Terms 2020


TO (inclusive)

Term 1


January 10th

April 3rd

Term 2


May 8th

August 7th

Closed for holidays 12/19 June


Term 3


August 28th

November 27th

I hope that your children will continue to learn useful Life Skills in a fun and interesting way.  Learning is Doing!


Yours in Scouting

Beagle, Mark Goulding (SGL)


Cub meeting

There will be a normal Cub meeting this Friday night.



Friday Meeting

There is a normal Scouts meeting this Friday night.

Camp and Cook 14-15 March

This is an annual competition camp and this year Rivertrail will be sending two patrols made up largely of senior scouts on an invitation-only basis. Therefore this is not open to all of the troop as most activities are. But please note all of our scouts will get many opportunities in their scouting careers to attend this camp so do not be disappointed if you miss this one. 

Scouts Open Water Swim – 8 March 2020

Get ready for the East Rand District Open Water Swim!

 Please visit our web site by clicking on the this link:-  https://sites.google.com/site/erdscoutswim/home 

Follow this link to the electronic Entry Form:-  https://forms.gle/iewwVwqyBMqKmseh9

In light of the recent tragic drownings, we in the East Rand District wish to put some water safety measures in place in Arrowe Park.  We have sourced the supply of Pink Rescue Buoys form the NSRI.  It is our intention to install several of these buoys along the Arrowe Park shore line.


These bright Pink Rescue Buoys, which conform to the AUNZ standard of 100 Newtons of flotation, are hung on strategically placed signs and we hope that they will remind people to take care when entering water – and not to swim if Lifeguards are not on duty.


If there is an incident and someone needs help these buoys can be thrown to that person, providing emergency flotation.

There are clear graphics on the sign which explain how to use the Buoy. And most importantly, the emergency number for the closest Sea Rescue station or local Emergency Service is printed on the sign.

If anyone decides, against advice, to enter the water the Pink Rescue Buoy provides flotation for that person as well as for the casualty.

As at December 2019, 605 Pink Rescue Buoys  have been installed and 53 people have been assisted using a Pink Buoy since Nov 2017. That is something to be proud of.

Each buoy and sign costs R 1,500.00.  Part to cover the cost of the buoy and part to NSRI funding.


We are appealing to all Open Water swimmers to support our Open Water Swim.  All funds raised will go towards the purchase of the Pink Rescue buoys.  If you are not a swimmer you can still donate towards this worthy cause by entering in a “DRY SWIM”.  So you don’t need to swim, but your entry fee is gratefully received as a donation.



Equipment labelling

Please label your Cubs and Scouts’ items, especially sleeping bags (not just the carry bags) and sleeping mats. We have noticed that a few of our members have same or similar products (as parents shop at the same stores), and the lack of names leads to unnecessary confusion. And don’t forget to label the small items too, like caps and scarves … these easily get separated from the Cub or Scout and need to be “homed”. Let’s label them now – so that we don’t forget for next camp or event!


Scouts Digital

Parents are encouraged to regularly login into Scouts Digital and view the Parents Dashboard. Login via http://www.scouts.digital/ > Actions > Login. If you are unable to login please contact either Akela for cubs or Badger for Scouts and they will get help for you. Some attendance records or personal information may not be correct – please let us know. Together we can make Scouts Digital the enabling system it is designed to be!


Dress code at Friday meetings

All Cubs and Scouts must ensure that they are properly and smartly dressed in uniform with all accompanying components, including belt, woggle, scarf, cap etc. These items (excluding scarf) are available from the Scout shop. You can find the details of where to find it HERE.

For Scouts, camp uniform must be worn for activities during the evening. Camp uniform includes jeans and a black 1st Rivertrail shirt. If you don’t have a black Rivertrail shirt, please purchase one from Fiona who usually sells them on the hall patio between Cub and Scout meetings. You can contact her directly on fionaB@morso.co.za.


Key: (C ) Cubs, (S) Scouts




Account Name: 1st Rivertrail Scout Group
Branch: Bryanston
Branch No: 197105
Account Number:
Account Type: Savings