05 March 2021


Welcome Back to Fridays at the Hall!

The scouts have had their first full evening at the hall last week, and the cubs are gathering for the first time this week.
We are realy happy to be able to meet face to face again and look forward to seeing you all.


Invoicing for 2021

Invoices for the 2021 Scouting Year have been sent out, so please keep an eye on your inbox for these. Fees are now due, so if you haven’t receive your invoice, please contact our treasurer, Derek Bouwer, on finance@rivertrail.co.za.


BP Sunday

For the first time, Gauteng Scout Region held a virtual BP Sunday Ceremony – Gauteng Region BP Sunday 2021 can be viewed on https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=-OpPp0CLmFw
Thank you to all who viewed from home.
We are proud of the following awards:

  • Kim Abraham –  Regional Commissioners Award (Cubbing during Lockdown and Service projects)
  • Jared Donnelly – Regional Commissioner’s Commendations: (Discord Virtual Scout Troops, Kim Shield Discord Training)
  • 1st Rivertrail Cubs – Gold Star Pack Award
  • 1st Rivertrail Scouts Silver Star Troop Award

Our Star Patrol Awards –
Leopards – Gold
Kingfisher – Silver
Buffalo, Lions, Gemsbok – Bronze
Kudus – Participation


Welcome Back to Cubs! It seems like forever ago that we were all together having fun.

Cubs will resume today starting at 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Although we have not had any face-to-face meetings, there has been a lot happening behind the scenes.

Our beloved BP Sunday and Gala unfortunately fell prey to COVID. Hopefully next year we will be able to meet again. The good news is that we retain the Gala Cup for another year!

There was an on-line Regional BP Sunday at this event, our Pack received a Gold Star. This is a huge accomplishment.
Congratulations to all our Scouters for their awesome programmes that they run each week. These are not easy to put together and a lot of hard work, dedication and effort goes into producing them. I am very grateful to my amazing team for making this possible.

It is with a heavy heart that I step away from Cubs. I, together Raksha (Lara Noble) will be opening our Meerkat Den at the beginning of the 2nd Term. We have been hard at work doing our warrants online and finish our training in April. This is the first time ever that the Meerkat warrant has been run, and 1st Rivertrail will be the first in the District with warranted Den Scouters.

I leave the Cub Pack in the very capable hands of Rama (Tony Finney) who is an experienced Scouter. His own son, Jack has completed Cubs and moved to Scouts.
I wish Tony, Good Hunting in his future role and know that he will ‘Do his Best’ to ensure the high standard of 1st Rivertrail Cub Pack is upheld.

Next week Saturday, 13th March there will be the District First Aid and Health Badge held at our Scout Hall. This badge is open to all Cubs 10 years and older. Please see enclose invite.

Next Week I will include the updated calendar with Regional, District and 1st Rivertrail events, they are all run depending on COVID.

Have a great weekend.

Good Hunting! Akela


Scouter Updates

Last year we said farewell to Badger (Justin Agar) and this year we welcome Bobcat (Chris de Jager) as our Troop Scouter. Bobcat has been an ATS at Rivertrail fof 9 years and we look forward to some more rgreat years under his leadership.
Bobcat and Baloo are busy with their Woodbadge which is a very important milestone for any Scouter – and we wish them good luck on their advancements.
And since the last newsletter Rory Ellis has a scout name and is now known as Bishop, a great link between his interests in birding and chess.


Friday Meeting

There will be a full Scouts Meeting this Friday 5 March at the Hall
Please arrive from 18h45 for opening at 19h00. Close at 21h00.

Scout Holidays

There will be no scouts on 2nd April 2021 (Easter long weekend). Other scouting holidays might be announced once availability of scouts and scouters is known in response to the amended school calendars.


Upcoming Events


A regional LDC 1 course will be held on Sunday 7 March 2021 at Camp Delta in Victory Park.
Wishing our scouts that applied and signed up a productive, advancing and happy time.

Ubuntu Challenge 2021

The patrols are taking part in the Ubuntu Challenge this year – and is a great opportunity and guide to inititiate patrol activities and work towards Star Patrols awards.
Further information via Patrol Whatsapp groups.
Each member of a Scout Patrol that completes the challenge will receive the Ubuntu Challenge 2021 badge.
The challege is running till Monday 22nd March 2021.
More information Here (https://gauteng.scouts.org.za/2021/02/12/ubuntu-challenge-2021/)

Other Events – Orienteering

Twelve of our scouts have enjoyed participating in the local orienteering events, which is an activity/ sport that combines map reading skills, planning and fitness. Scouts is not affiliated to Orienteering SA but it provides a great opportunity to apply the skills learnt at scouts and to get out in the open
Further info at orienter.co.za or chat to Rory (Bishop)

There is a night event at Randpark Golf Club on 6 March and morning event at The Campus on 14 March. Pre-entry is required.


Past Events

#SaferInternetDay was on 9th Feb 2021 . Over the past months we have all been spending a lot more time online. As Scouts we aim to always “Be Prepared”. This also applies to the online world.
We encourage you to check out the Scouting Golden Rules to online Safety here: https://www.scout.org/safefromharmonline.


Better World for BP

Thank you and well done to all who participated and collected a bag of litter as part of the Better World for BP. It really does make a difference to our environment.  Your badges are on order and 1st Rivertrail qualified for a certificate too.



We have setup a Discord “”Scout Hall”” (thank you Beaver) – where we can meet and run programms when face-to-face is not possible.  

It is great that we can now gather in person – but would like to keep Discord active and populated so that we have a  virtual-venue when needed. 

If you have not already accessed Discord, you can enter via https://discord.gg/sbJuSSX2ZK 

And once you are in, please enter your name and patrol in the “”name and patrol”” chat where you will be received and accepted  and given access to the appropriate chats and areas.


Patrol Activities – feedback

The Buffalo patrol had an amazing cycling expedition out at Northern Farms. Kate, the PL for Buffalo patrol did some amazing planning for this expedition and it was a great success.

All of our patrols are working very hard towards their advancements this year as this is going to be our main focus and we look forward to some amazing adventures from our scouts and patrols.



Covid Screening

Covid regulations require that we screen everyone visiting the Scout Hall and keep a register. We are using goScan to facillitate this process.
From your mobile device please scan the QR code at the hall and complete the questions.
Or complete the scan at home using http://s.goscan.co.za/DDPpa (please do shortly before arriving so that your time reflects when you were present)
Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.


Equipment labelling

Please clearly label all personal belongings. Check that the labels have not faded or fallen off. 


Scouts Digital

Parents are encouraged to regularly login into Scouts Digital and view the Parents Dashboard. Login via http://www.scouts.digital/ > Actions > Login. If you are unable to login please contact either Akela for cubs or Bobcat for Scouts and they will get help for you. Some attendance records or personal information may not be correct – please let us know. Together we can make Scouts Digital the enabling system it is designed to be!


Dress code at Friday meetings

Cubs to wear full cub uniform.
Scouts for the duration of Covid restrictions to wear Camp Uniform (including cap and scarf) and suitable jeans or shorts.
Rivertrail golf shirts and caps can be purchased from Baloo before or after cubs/ scouts. ( ie. not during). Note that Fiona is no longer handling uniform sales and we thank her for her years of service.
We are aware that stock is low and this is being attended to. Thanks for your patience.



Key: (C ) Cubs, (S) Scouts



Account Name: 1st Rivertrail Scout Group
Branch: Bryanston
Branch No: 197105
Account Number:
Account Type: Savings