22 January 2020


Invoicing for 2020

Invoices for the 2020 Scouting Year have been sent out, so please keep an eye on your inbox for these. 

BP Sunday

A reminder to all parents to please diarise Sunday 23 February. This is our annual Scouts Own and District Gala at which we celebrate the birthday of the founder of the worldwide Scout Movement, Lord Baden-Powell. It is a really fun event and one of the few where our Cubs and Scouts come together to compete and enjoy the day as a Group, and meet our fellows from the other Scout groups in our district. We hope to see you all there!


Cub meeting

There will be a normal Cub meeting this Friday night.



Friday Meeting

There is a normal Scouts meeting this Friday night.

Scouts Database

Please can you complete the revised Application for Youth Membership (please click on the link for the form) which will be used as a once off consent for normal scout activities that take place at or near the 1st Rivertrail Hall.

The normal consent form (Consent and Indemnity Form: Events and Activities) with which you are familiar is separate to this attached form and is for activities either not at our hall, or other additional activities. These are specific for each event and need to be completed each time.  

Please take the time to read the form, provide and acknowledge your consent.   

Do complete the section on Special Conditions. Scouts is an inclusive environment and if we are aware of conditions or concerns we can accommodate and support your scout. 


The new format (Oct 2019) is an editable PDF, and includes additional parts on social media.  When completing the form, for your reference we are: 

  • Gauteng Region | Sandton District | 1st Rivertrail Group

Please return the completed and signed forms by email to :

scouts@rivertrail.co.za and cc renee.penman@gmail.com, by Friday 24th Jan 2020. 

Upcoming Events Reminder

  • January 25th & 26th – Fires & Cooking Scoutcraft (only for those who have already paid and registered)
  • February 7,8,9th – Water Ubuntu Camp at Arrowe Park as always this is supervised by qualified adults from the Sea Scouts and all scouts will wear life jackets whilst on the water, no exceptions. 
  • February 22 & 23 – BP Weekend including Camping Skilkana at 1st Bryanston on Saturday followed by BP Service and BP Gala at Bryanston Primary School
  • March 13, 14,15th – Camp & Cook (Olympics 2020) at Delta Park


Equipment labelling

Please label your Cubs and Scouts’ items, especially sleeping bags (not just the carry bags) and sleeping mats. We have noticed that a few of our members have same or similar products (as parents shop at the same stores), and the lack of names leads to unnecessary confusion. And don’t forget to label the small items too, like caps and scarves … these easily get separated from the Cub or Scout and need to be “homed”. Let’s label them now – so that we don’t forget for next camp or event!


Scouts Digital

Parents are encouraged to regularly login into Scouts Digital and view the Parents Dashboard. Login via http://www.scouts.digital/ > Actions > Login. If you are unable to login please contact either Akela for cubs or Badger for Scouts and they will get help for you. Some attendance records or personal information may not be correct – please let us know. Together we can make Scouts Digital the enabling system it is designed to be!


Dress code at Friday meetings

All Cubs and Scouts must ensure that they are properly and smartly dressed in uniform with all accompanying components, including belt, woggle, scarf, cap etc. These items (excluding scarf) are available from the Scout shop. You can find the details of where to find it HERE.

For Scouts, camp uniform must be worn for activities during the evening. Camp uniform includes jeans and a black 1st Rivertrail shirt. If you don’t have a black Rivertrail shirt, please purchase one from Fiona who usually sells them on the hall patio between Cub and Scout meetings. You can contact her directly on fionaB@morso.co.za.


Key: (C ) Cubs, (S) Scouts




Account Name: 1st Rivertrail Scout Group
Branch: Bryanston
Branch No: 197105
Account Number:
Account Type: Savings