About Scouting

The Scout movement was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1907. The skills he learnt in South Africa, and fine-tuned on the first camp on Brownsea Island, have spread around the world.

What is in it for the girl/boy?
Scouting offers a fun way to learn how to be the best you can be in a healthy environment. It provides a sense of belonging and focuses on the following:

  • character development;
  • exposure to new interests;
  • life skills e.g. HIV training and first aid;
  • outdoor adventure;
  • leadership training;
  • teamwork;
  • citizenship (ubuntu) and involvement in the community;
  • and understanding and caring for the environment.

Scouting South Africa
For more information about the South African and global Scouting movement, please contact:

Tel: 0860 SCOUTS (0860 726 887) or + 27 21 685 8420
Fax: + 27 21 685 9020
E-mail: info@scouting.org.za
Web: www.scouting.org.za